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Honda Insight Cars in Pakistan

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Honda Insight

The Honda Insight is a 4 door hybrid sedan with a front engine and wheel drive configuration. It's second generation model started to appear in 2009 to become the main competitor of the Toyota Prius. It was a nice vehicle but never came to the scale of the Prius in selling numbers. Its body structure matched the sporty CR-Z and this gives it a powerful and aggressive look. The cars price is quite reasonable but its production ended in the year 2014.

Like mentioned before, the car has a mean look. The front cuts are sharp with rectangular fog lights and side-swept headlights. The bumpers are curvy and the sloping rear gives the car a sleek look. It is a hatchback and its features are just like any other Honda car. The car's interior is pretty simplistic and is made of black plastic. The car lacks in leather as the seats are of fabric. The features on the base variant include power door mirrors, power windows, automatic climate control, 2-speaker stereo system and multifunction steering wheel. Features on the G variant includes a multifunction steering wheel, 4-speaker stereo audio system and a front center armrest, alloy wheels. Even if this is not enough, the highest LS variant includes allow wheels, turn signal indicator mirrors, heated mirrors as standard, the 6-speaker stereo audio system as standard and leather upholstery as standard. If you're still not satisfied, options on the higher end variants include heated door mirrors, satellite navigation, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and leather upholstery. All this tech and more then enough gadgets make the car perfect for refinement, technology and luxury. Moreover, the interior is quite spacious too. Compare its feature with all cars in Pakistan.

The Honda Insight 2018 would not make you unsatisfied in any case except the engine. It has got a tiny 1.3 Litre SOHC 8 Valve Inline-4 cylinder with hybrid Synergy which collectively makes a small amount of 87 hp. Although the small hybrid engine is quite economical but seriously underpowered. The gearbox is a CVT Automatic and no other options are provided. With lack of power, the Insight is expensive to maintain and spare parts are rare and expensive.

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