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Honda Fit Aria Cars in Pakistan

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Honda Fit Aria

The Honda Fit Aria was a subcompact, 4 doors, front engine and front wheel drive sedan produced by Honda cars from 2003 to 2008. It was actually the Honda City named as the Fit Aria and only used this name in Japan. The car is very practical and inexpensive nowadays as it is no longer produced and you can only get one in used condition. The car had a facelift which only changed its rear lights and freshened up its look a bit.
The car has an innocent and cute look to it for its exterior. The interior is pretty normal too. Plastic is used in the dash and other parts while the doors have soft-touch covering made of fabric. The air conditioning works pretty well too. The seats are very nice, comfortable and soft which enhance the luxury and ride quality. The only thing it lacks is a center console which makes long journeys less comfortable as there is no place to rest your arm. Otherwise, the center console is also not very good but door bins have average space.
The engines offered are a 1.5-litre I4 cylinder and a 1.3-litre I4 cylinder with both of them being naturally aspirated. The power is not that much but the engine is very lively and makes a grunting sound when you push on the gas. Still, the engines are very economical. The gearboxes offers are a 5-speed manual and an automatic.Compare its feature with other cars in Pakistan before buying. The suspension seems to be always in comfort mode making the car sway around turns and corners.


Overall the car is very practical with good boot storage and comfortable ride quality. It is fairly cheap to maintain and is also a durable vehicle. Spare parts are easy to get and is a nice package for the money you pay and owning one won't hurt your wallet much as it is long lasting and fuel-efficient vehicle.
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