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Honda Accord Tourer Cars in Pakistan


Honda Accord Tourer

The Honda cars started its production in the 1970's and are still produced Honda Accord and sold worldwide. It is known for being one of the most famous mid-sized sedans along with the Toyota Camry which is its only actual rival in most markets. It is made in many versions like sedans and hatchbacks or tourers.
The Accord Tourer is one of its variants and is a 5 door hatchback. It is basically completely same as the regular model except that it's a hatchback. It is offered in two engines just like the regular car, a 1.5L turbo v tec, and a 2.0L turbo v tec. The engines are efficient and have adequate power also. Compare its feature with other cars in Pakistan on before buying.
Overall the car is quite practical with is increased storage space and is also reliable like all Hondas are.
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