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Ford F 150 Cars in Pakistan

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Ford F-150

Light trucks still remain the popular commercial vehicle in many regions. The successful among them are pickups Ford trucks including the Ford F-150. The debut of which took place in 1975. In 1997, another generation of these pickups came out. This generation of Ford is characterized by much softer and more expressive forms. The appearance of the car is peculiar. In making of cars, many things matter. Hidden power and heavy elegance. Especially impressive is the huge size of the front part of the pickup. From the technical point of view everything is very simple, durable and reliable. The base of the structure is a powerful steel frame. To it the body and, on rubber pillows, a cabin are attached. The leading rear axle is an uncut beam on the springs, to which there is a long pipe of gimbal shaft with a diameter of millimeters. The front suspension is interesting on single prefabricated diagonal levers. And the cast transverse, the size and shape of the section resembling rail,-different lengths and breed among themselves. This design, with all the simplicity, allows you to place long enough levers. They provide the minimum deviation of the wheels from the vertical during the operation of the suspension, which means-from the calculation gauge and, as a result, better stability.

Powerful pickup

The cabin is very spacious. A wide triple sofa can be moved back and forth. However, this "fit" under the driver and ends-there are no other adjustments. Landing behind the wheel is almost vertical. On the right is an impressive lever five the manual gearbox. The instrument panel is a speedometer, voltmeter and oil pressure indicators, coolant temperature and fuel level. The latter can be switched to any of the two fuel tanks. At the same time the petrol supply to the engine is switched. There is an inflatable airbag in the steering wheel, and one steering switch is on the left. It is the control of the distant light, direction indicators, purifier and washer of the windshield.

The power unit is a gasoline six, a row engine of 5 liters. In short, it is not a car, but passengers are not denied in comfort and safety. In 2001, a concept pickup, the sporty F-150 Lightning Rod. Equipped with a powerful V8 engine and possessing avant-garde for pickups appearance. In an effort to please young admirers Ford, the body and seats were decorated with tattoos in the style of Maori. The great popularity of F-150 from buyers makes the company cautiously approach to updating the model. After all, the novelty should keep in itself all those qualities that attracted buyers earlier, adding to them the latest developments of technological progress. Modernization is also necessary to compete with car monsters such as Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra, not to mention the newcomer to the market-sized pickup Nissan Titan. The answer to the competitors was the updated family of Ford F-150.

One generation had a more courageous image. Aggressive industrial design in the style of the concept truck Mighty F-350 Tonka, chopped body lines, massive grille, large 17-or 18-inch aluminum wheels-all this emphasizes The main purpose of the pickup: without tired to work for the benefit of the middle class. More stringent forms now emphasize, not hide the size of the pickup. The gauge became wider, the wheels increased, the cab straightened and the sidewalls were lost. From Tonka the novelty has borrowed inclination of a windshield and the general form of a cabin, and also vertical handles of opening of doors. The pickup still has a frame structure, but the frame is now made of box section elements. This design surpasses the rigidity of the frame from the traditional open profile: torsion 9 times, and bending-50%.

The newcomer received a modified suspension. In front there are double transverse levers and struts with springs, and some elements of the front suspension (for the first time in this class) are made of aluminum-to reduce un-sprung masses. Behind, except for strengthening of sheet springs, the position of shock-absorbers is changed: they have been carried out for dimensions of a frame that has allowed to make them more rigidly, having improved resistance to rolls and learn and not hurting smoothness of a turn. The size of the cabin and the cargo compartment increased. In addition, the Ford F-150 received unusual front doors with uneven line of side windows, as on larger F-250/350, which allows to improve the review in rearview mirrors.

Very successful

Geometric design prevails inside the interior. The F-150 received an interior composed of laconic planes, circles and straight angles. In addition to the 231-strong 4.6 L V8 engine has a new 5.4-liter 300-strong Triton V8 with 3 valves per cylinder and-for the first time on Ford trucks-variable valve timing. Box Automatic (on some models the lever of automatic transmission is located on the floor), disc brakes on all wheels, ABS is included in standard configuration. A full drive is available as an option. Ford F-150 is offered in several different configurations, under different groups of buyers. Three types of cabins, all door. Regular Cab has one row of seats, behind which there is a place for cargo-access to there provide doors opening against a turn. In SuperCab and SuperCrew series two, in the last, more spacious version of the rear doors-ordinary, on the front loops. Two versions of the body of different lengths and finishes-style-side (convex rear fenders) and flare-side (conventional sides). Five options for the cabin (XL, STX, XLT, FX4 and Lariat)-from the simplest for the "workhorse" to the most expensive with leather and wood. In the list of additional equipment from now you can find even a DVD-player with liquid crystal display.

The F-series has been a leader in the pickup market for 25 years, and the last few years have retained leadership among all types of vehicles.

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