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Ferrari California Cars in Pakistan


Ferrari California

Ferrari California debuted in 2014. The model received a new turbocharged power unit and a prefix T in the name. To distinguish the novelty from the predecessor is not difficult, it has stylish elongated headlights of the head lighting with optics and elegant sections of LED daytime running lights. The grille consists of several thin chrome-plated horizontal edges and flaunts the manufacturer's logo. Also worth the aerodynamic elements. On the front bumper and bonnet are the predatory air intakes, and in the back of the eye throws a massive diffuser with four chrome exhaust pipes. In general, the car has received quite a lot of pleasant changes, but at the same time has not lost its charm and everything is also perfectly recognized on the road. Ferrari cars have managed to earn massive attention around the world because of its monopoly and impressive speed.


Ferrari California Sports coupe Convertible premium class. Its overall dimensions are: Length 4570 mm, width 1910 mm, height 1322 mm, wheelbase 2670 mm, and the value of the road lumen equals 109 millimeters. Such clearance is peculiar to cars intended for active driving. They perfectly keep the road, with ease pass the steepest turns, and most importantly-less prone to flipping due to the low center of gravity. The trunk of Ferrari California has quite a good volume for this class of cars. Despite the rigid trifolds roof, the rear remains 240 liters of free space. This volume is enough for the daily needs of the city dweller. FERRARI CALIFORNIA engine and transmission

Ferrari California is equipped with a single engine, seven robotic variable gear box and exclusively rear-wheel drive. The new power unit, the manufacturer borrowed from the sedan Maserati 6 generations. Thanks to this set of knots, the car will be able to bring a lot of pleasure to a real fan of dynamic driving. The engine of Ferrari California is a large V-shaped turbocharged gasoline eight volume 3856 cubic centimeters. The engineers managed to squeeze 560 horsepower at 7500 rpm and 755 nm of torque at 4750 rpm. With such a taboo under the hood, the convertible shoots from place to the first hundred in 3.6 seconds, and the maximum speed, in turn, will be 315 kilometers per hour. Despite the high power and breathtaking dynamic characteristics, the car is quite economical. The fuel consumption of Ferrari California will be 10.5 litres of gasoline per one hundred kilometers of road in the combined cycle of motion.

Should you buy?

Ferrari California keeps up with the times. It has a stylish and dynamic design that can best emphasize the individuality and status of its owner in society. Such a car will never merge with the gray everyday flow and will always be in the spotlight. Salon-a kingdom of luxury, high-quality materials finish, adjusted ergonomics and comfort. Even a long trip will not be able to deliver unnecessary inconvenience. The manufacturer understands that first of all, the machine should give pleasure from driving. That is why, under the hood of a convertible, there is a powerful and technological power unit, which is the quintessence of innovative technologies and long-term experience in the field of engine. Ferrari California can give a lot of unforgettable emotions and is one of the best means to convert gasoline into pure adrenaline. The first incarnation of the Ferrari California is a Ferrari 250 GT California — more than half a century ago. Then the task was to pander to American consumers, who were already familiar with the Italian cars. The new Ferrari California is equipped with a V8 engine develops a maximum speed of 310 km/h, accelerates to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. The authors of the car stated power 460 HP aerodynamic qualities of this model better than Ferrari.

Sports cars are characterized by high speed and power. It is valued by the inhabitants of all countries and nations. Leading manufacturers of automotive industry in turn presented new models. The segment of sports cars (alternative name "Sports") includes passenger cars having (in comparison with "usual models cars"): The increased power of the engine and the reconfigured gearbox (giving them the best speed and Low clearance and more rigid suspension (providing "driver" character).

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