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Faw B50 Cars in Pakistan



Sometimes it is fair to tell the final story from the very beginning. Because those who do not like the final, the finale is simple: FAW best urn B-50 is a good Chinese car. FAW Besturn B-50 C-class, which is produced by the first automobile factory, Chinese analog and wedlock relative National plant. It is a company with a history, founded in the 1950s and we are more famous for its trucks. But now it's time to try on the very close market of cars. In principle, the Chinese tried to enter our market in the early 2000s, but officially they have been here since 2007. The company is large, in its homeland occupies the second place in sales and production volumes produce a wide range of automotive products-from small cars to buses-closely friends with reputable foreign manufacturers.

Technical Specs

FAW Besturn B-50-a passenger car in the body of the sedan type, created on the platform of Japanese Mazda 6 first generation, presented in 2008. In addition to the "trolley" of Mazda, the "heart" of the car is a licensed copy of the engine of VW Jetta first generation. In the considered copy the 6-speed automatic gearbox of the type Tiptronic production of the Japanese concern AISIN (model TF-60SN, also installed on VG Golf and Passat, Audi A3 etc.) is installed. Engine: 4-cylinder, 8-valve, INJECTOR, power 103 hp and torque 145 nm at 3800 rpm. Petrol-AI-95, tank capacity-58 liters, fuel consumption (in the mixed cycle, actual mileage)-10 liters for 100 kilometers. (The figure strongly depends on the manner of driving-I have turned out and 9 liters for "hundred", but for this purpose, it is necessary to drive extremely phlegmatically). Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

The length of the car-4600 mm, Width-1785 mm, height-1435 mm, wheelbase-2675 mm, clearance-165 mm. The tire size is 195/65 R15. Trunk capacity-480 L. Total weight of the car-1775 kg, curb weight-1325 kg. Complete set-Premium AT, includes: ABS + EBD, disc brakes "In a Circle", 4 airbags (driver, front passenger and 2 front side), Leather interior (light leather), driver's seat with electric adjustments on departure, height and Tilt backrest, cruise control system, climate control, hydraulic power steering, electric dip sunroof, electric lifters "circle", on-board computer, built-in dashboard, front fog Headlights, Parktornik, tire pressure sensor, "smart" rear view mirror (with the function of dimming, Bluetooth and built-in PDC indicators, pressure sensor in the tires and compass), audio system with support MP3 and USB input, Multifunctional steering wheel, central locking, immobilizer and state Alarm, Alloy wheels (4 pieces, spare-regular stamping), paint coat "metallic".

Exterior and Interior

FAW B-50, this is beautiful, especially in black color and especially when it is washed and shining. A few look like a grille, but the tail lights, on the contrary, small and rustic. In general, the appearance is completely finished and independent. Instead of the traditional repeater turns in the front wings-graceful (but fake) holes as though air ducts. It's just an overhead grill. And the repeaters are built into the side mirrors, and not only outside, but also from the inside-the corresponding arrow blinks from the edge of the mirror. The solution is correct – you can always see whether you have turned on the turn or not. No fin-type antenna on the Faw car.

The lid of the trunk opens from the outside with a special lever hidden under the edge. The doorway is not bad, and inside so full of space. Unfortunately, the lid of the trunk itself to the top does not open – about half stops. Clearance looks a little doubtful if the rear is not afraid to rub on the curb, the front of such fears is. The appearance of the salon is better than it really is-miracles does not happen and the plastic, of course, all hard. However, the quality is really "real Chinese"-flaws assembly on the eyes do not climb, you need to look for them purposefully. Seats are harsh, it is necessary to look for a convenient position. Although the driver's seat is equipped with a lumbar retainer, let it be weakly expressed. Leather stitched well, no complaints about it. She glides, she back sweats, but so far I have not come across leather seats, wherever it was not so. Side support is just there.

On the driver's door the control button lifters all four doors (driving-automatic, descends and rises completely itself), blocking of all ESP except driving, control of the position of lateral mirrors. Control of the central lock, alas, the no-only button on the door handle. Between the front seats is placed the central box-armrest with two compartments-a small in the armrest and a large underneath. There, on the torpedo, two cup-holders. Traditional glove at the front passenger and less traditional but useful compartment in the center of the dashboard. Useless for me ashtray and cigarette lighter removed behind the level of automatic transmission selector in the central part of the dashboard. To the left of the rudder, below, there is a separate compartment with full (not mini!) USB input, it is very convenient to place and close the flash drive. Steering wheel trimmed soft skin. Stitches are not rough, grip normal, pleasant. On the steering wheel are located the audio control keys (left) and cruise control (right). Steering switches weighty, with handles on the ends. The wiper mode switch is equipped with the wheel of the wiper operation, and the turn signals switch is controlled by the modes of the headlights and the wheel control of the fog (front and rear). As a result, there is no need to go anywhere to include all the necessary devices-all at hand. The steering wheel, alas, is adjustable only in height.

Selector switch modes automatic heavy, good. "Ladder" modes are switched, i.e. there is no lock button on the selector. The modes of automatic transmission are as follows: P (parking) – R (reverse) – N (Neutral) – D (drive) – S (sport). Mode D has the option m (manual control)-you can independently transfer switch from bottom to top and vice versa. At the back of the place, there is enough "deep" and "breadth", but the head (my) is already small place-the roof of the rolling. In the center, there is a removable armrest with two holders. Minus – There are no pockets in the rear passenger doors. But there are all three headrests, including for the central passenger. and the safety belt is not in his lap. FAW-B50 price, so many people might not care about this.

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