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Chevrolet Aveo Cars in Pakistan

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Chevrolet Aveo


Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company is a famous American car manufacturer under the American manufacturer General Motors, headquartered in North America but famous all over the world as a successful automobile maker. Not only that, it is also one of the largest electric vehicle producers worldwide. Coming to Pakistan, the Chevy cars are gaining popularity in Pakistan pretty fast. Unlike other car companies, Chevrolet is mostly famous for its all-electric cars, but it also has some amazing hybrid and conventional cars in Pakistan. it is a very reliable brand and produces top-notch quality cars and other vehicles. Although Chevrolet never gained as much popularity in Pakistan as other car brands such as Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki it is still pretty much admired by people from all walks of life, the price range is not as affordable for the normal middle-class masses, but Chevrolet does have a variety for all car costumes.

Chevrolet is worldwide known for its usual sedans, crossovers and ordinary SUVs like other car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda. But talking locally, overall in Pakistan, Nissan is more known for its compact hatchbacks and crossovers, one of such cars that have made Chevrolet or more easy to say Chevy stand tall and proud is the subcompact Chevrolet Aveo. The Chevrolet Aveo Pakistan is manufactured since 2003 and is not only popular in Pakistan but was sold all over the world, it is also one of the most sold all-electric cars in the whole world.

Chevrolet Aveo price in Pakistan

The Chevrolet Aveo 2018 price in Pakistan is normal not too high neither very low keeping in mind that the ones we have in Pakistan are mostly imported as reconditioned or are sold as used are which makes them budget-friendly, so the Chevrolet Aveo 2018 is sold in Pakistan for around 6 to 15 lac rupees depending on the model and auction sheet.


In last 5 years, there are many hybrid Japanese cars in Pakistan, so there are many competitors of hybrid cars, the competitors are Suzuki Liana and other such cars. Chevrolet Aveo has a reasonable market, by the time people are getting familiar with this car.

Popular Variants

The Chevrolet Aveo Pakistan was initially introduced in 2012 and gained popularity for its compact design, initially it was a big thing and since 2010, it is forever being appreciated and loved and is still one of the most sold all-electric version car in the world, mainly because of it being slightly budget friendly.


Chevrolet Aveo Pakistan is a compact family car and had the good enough capacity of 4 to 5 persons, it is a small hatchback car with 5 doors, including the rear opening. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the most spacious and decent hatchback cars in Pakistan. It is also quite comfortable, as for the seats are concerned and also had enough leg space which added to its comfort, also keeping in mind that it is a hatchback, it is not as congested as other hatchback cars now. It comes with small cute lights in the front and similar rectangular lights at the rear end of the car. In 2015 it received a few changes but only in the headlights, that is, it got minor changes which only lifted its previous features.

The Chevrolet Aveo comes with a beautiful interior with all the noticeable technology for its time as expected of all new Chevy cars. The Chevrolet Aveo 2018 is way better now in terms of interior, the Chevrolet Aveo has a grey plastic dashboard with a stereo player, a speedometer with rpm, a lighter and ashtray, air conditioner, heater. The Chevrolet Aveo comes with automatic windows, mobile phone and wallet holders and had leather seat covers in some variants.

Engine and Mileage

Talking about engine and performance, the Chevrolet Aveo comes with three variants:

0.8 L S-TEC I3 (petrol)

1.0 L S-TEC I4 (petrol)

1.2 L P-TEC I4 (petrol)

And has either a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission.

Final Verdict

One of the most amazing things about Chevrolet Aveo and other cars from Japan is that they are strongly built and won't break down with every other little jump on the regular Pakistani streets and roads yet despite low demand, it still remains other than that a great car.

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