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BMW BMW M5 Cars in Pakistan



BMW M5 is a beautiful smooth driving car but at a very high price. Having acquainted with the history and traditions of M-machines, we turn to today's day. Although the BMW M5 test passed before the M GmbH, I decided to publish the materials in reverse order. Without regard to the past, the evaluation of the M5 sedan would have been inadequate. Because for BMW it is a wide step back. In my career, the current generation of the "m-fifth" is the third. It seems Bavarians throws a fire into a hollow. After a perfectly balanced "five" E39, the Hardcore "car" with the E60 index (see sidebar "History") came out of this world. In the cars of the M5 family, there has never been such a kneading of racing technology either before or as it turns out after. The new "car", as it may be offensive to the fans of E60, is a return to the classics. I'm a little sorry that the era of controversial experiments is over. But the market, apparently, again wants to see a fast business sedan discreet and versatile in everyday life. Factory matte Paint (almost 130 thousand rubles) shades relief "Car", but it is ruthless to the inevitable defects. On the usual "metallic", which is worthless, small dents, scratches, and abrasions not so conspicuous as here.

Powerful specs matter

Other bands like Honda cars do try to play well. The road junction is a prelude to the area of the Tsar of the Autobahn. Appearance does not cause anything but respect. Both journalists and racers enjoy excellent planting. There are other seats in the world with the same number of adjustments, but these are working. The first reaction of a regular driver is to lift the chair slightly. Because of the high front panel is not very clear where the long bonnet ends. In the test machine-all conceivable conveniences: there are even door closers! Is that Sport-sedan?

Tractive and economical V8 engine paired with a preselected "robot" returned the "M5" status of the car for every day. Together they weave an infinite seamless canvas of acceleration. And, imagine, the average fuel consumption for the whole test did not exceed 25 L/100 km! But we were not only in the city and on the highway, but also on the race track. Unusual Turbo-tempera M5 resembles forced to 350 – 400 hp Japanese "lighters". No, you're not hitting the back of your head on the headrest, and a little dip on the bottom doesn't affect anything because of the big working volume. But on a wave of Turbo "Car" also uncontrollably rises above a stream, demanding to calculate a course on hundred meters forward. With the young nails, he used to poking with the settings of everything and everything. In BMW cars, its expanse. However, judging by the alarming reports, hardcore sacristy do not live to the age of big money or meet him in prison. But for lucky "M5" will be refreshment souls on the slope of years. 4.4 with a power of 560 HP is not peculiar to youthful maximalist: It is flexible, can be gentle, and may dominate-depends on the selected mode of electronic choke. And she never breaks down on the scream: The sound ennobled digital audio processor, emphasized beautifully.

Speed matter

After 1500 rpm, the motor is like a large diesel engine – only the crankshaft is spun up to 7250 rpm. Excellent elasticity fully satisfies the driver at acceleration within one transmission. Switch to Joy: The engine with the box get along perfectly. The engine braking efficiency is exemplary even with the softest settings. Not without reason the transmission is called M DCT drive-logic-logic, it does not occupy.

The chassis can not boast of the flexibility of the power unit. Even in the most comfortable mode, the sedan remains Sport rigid. I had to drive a man after the eye surgery. He was ripe for the end of the trip: from the shaking bandage slipped, and he became shamelessly peeping. And there's so much vibration on the handlebars as if it were a Porsche 911 of the previous generation. Even Ferrari 458 has a cleaner steering wheel. Comfort and Sports Plus are equally honest with the steering gear and the intermediate sport is artificial. At the pendant, on the contrary, the most working-Sport: In it the machine is subjectively felt the most comfortable. Hardness "Car" partly forced, partly demonstrative. It is justified by the exceptionally large mass of the machine. And yet, in my opinion, it was possible to make Sport-sedan more comfortable without compromising the image. There is no sharpness in the responses to the control actions.

Acoustic comfort is also at its height. Happiness that there is a projection display, displays read the speedometer on the windshield. I would say that only in the case of the previous "Asbo" E60 the keyword was Ring, and for everyone else, including the current one,-Taxi. Commercial cars do focus on quality a lot. And yet this "Car" is much more sporty than its vis, Mercedes E63 AMG. It seems to be not averse to drift, but, unlike "Car", it has no locking differential. And the "automaton" at some point goes crazy with the temperament Turbo-motor V8. However, BMW equally calmly treats both the clerk and the professional driver behind the wheel. Just does not like the steep super-elevation, not by the status of they her. Still, it's not the car we're going to tell the kids about. They won't believe it anyway. Today I hardly believe that this was real.

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