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Bentley Bentayga Cars in Pakistan


Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga debuted at the International Show in 2015. The manufacturer claims that it is the faster, powerful and luxury car in its class. It was preceded by concept EXP 9 F, demonstrated in 2012, but his appearance did not really like the target audience and the design was decided to change. Although the car is the first crossover from the automaker, its roots are easily guessed thanks to the unusual headlights of the head lighting, they are completely round, and the tail lights read the letter B. On the front of the car located Huge grille, made in the form of a grid with large cells. In general, the car looks very luxurious, but at the same time elegant and at ease. The crossover does not shout about its status, but simply silently collects enthusiastic views.


Bentley Bentayga-A large crossover, built on the basis of the second generation Audi Q7, they share a modular platform MLB, which at least allowed to reduce the weight of the car. But it is like a drop in the sea because despite all the efforts of the dry weight of the crossover is 2422 kilograms. The mass corresponds to the gigantic overall dimensions of the car: length 5141 mm, width 1998 mm, height 1742 mm, and the ground clearance is impressive 245 mm, this is more than enough not only to move around the city but for any adversity that you Cross the terrain. In addition, the clearance can be adjusted by the pneumatic system in the suspension, which is available in the simplest version of the car. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.


The heart of Bentley Bentayga is a giant gasoline turbocharged W12, volume 5950 cubic centimeters. Turbochargers now have a dvuhpotochnym body of turbines. The valve mechanism has learned to disable half of the cylinders to somehow temper the appetites of the power unit. In addition, the engine has a very tricky fuel injection system, gasoline is injected directly into the cylinders, and in the inlet manifold, but under different pressure. Thanks to a multitude of technical innovations, the power unit in its peak develop 608 horsepower at 5500 rpm and an astounding 900 nm of torque ranging from 1350 to 4500 rpm. This engine is able to disperse the heavy crossover weighing almost 2.5 tons to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.1 seconds. The maximum speed is unlimited and is 301 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption corresponds to the huge herd "Horses " under the hood, during a trip at the city pace with frequent accelerations and braking Bentley Bentayga will consume 19.2 litres of fuel for a hundred kilometers of the way, 9.1 liters of fuel in a slow ride on Country track and 12.8 liters per 100 at mixed rhythm of movement. The power unit works paired with a full drive system and mated automatic variable gearbox.


Bentley Bentayga has a rich technical stuffing, it is full of all sorts of technical innovations and systems designed to make your trip comfortable, interesting, and most importantly-safe. So the car is equipped with: 8 airbags, active stabilizers of transverse stability, the system of contactless opening and closing of the rear door, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking system, ladder Panoramic roof and even a night vision camera. In addition, there are things in the list of options that are exclusively aimed at emphasizing the luxury of the car and your status, such as the golden Mechanical chronograph with diamond inserts and self-winding.

Bentley's cars are luxury cars in many forms. This car has a beautiful design in the corporate style of the English automaker, it is very refined, elegant and refined. The Salon-a Kingdom of comfort, all sorts of technical innovations, in the form of tablets in the headrests, an elite multimedia system and of course unlimited luxury, ranging from inserts of natural wood, high-quality leather to the gold chronograph on Panel. The developers understood that the car, first of all, should give pleasure behind the wheel, so they equipped the crossover with a complex pneumatic suspension and a beautiful engine that gives the car an impeccable dynamics, and your confidence on the road. Cars are getting impressive from time to time.

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