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Bentley Cars in Pakistan

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Bentley car prices in Pakistan

Bentley an undoubtedly famous brand within Pakistan and more in the world.The company is well renowned for the production of worlds most expansive and luxurious cars.The price of Bentley is all though very high but when you see the quality and the luxury Bentley offers so many people pay it without botheration.Bentley origin is founded back on 18 January 1919 where a person named W.O Bentley was the first one who founded Bentley motor at Cricklewood North London.Bentley has its headquarter in Crewe England.Bentley has established his as one of the worlds most famous and reliable automobile industry and has been serving its valued customer over a period of 99 years.If you want to know about the price of Bentley automobiles in Pakistan or you want to have a look at its available models in the market you can surely trust or website www.comparebox .pk.Here on our website, you can get all the required information along with Bentley models and prices as well.

Background of Bentley Motors

Bentley after its formation got the fame by winning 24hour Le man's race that shows the efficiency and durability of the car on the road.Bentley has the owner to win this race in 1924,1927,1928, 1923 and in 2003.Bentley had a merger with Rolls Royce and worked for a long span of time later on British government sold it engineering conglomerate and then they sold it to Vickers and at last to its latest owner Volkswagen.But this partnership again ended in 2003 where Rolls Royce and Bentley again came under individual proprietorships and have their own logos.

Recent products by Bentley

Coming to the recent contributions Bentley is investing a lot in automobile industry their prices are high but it is all because of the latest specifications and features they are offering.Bentley is offering comforts with speed and technology mixed with.But the most promising feature of Bentley automobiles is that they are handmade and it shows a perfect combination of manpower with the appropriate use of electronics.

The prominent models which are available in Bentley r type continental, Bentley Continental GT V8, Bentley Mulsanne Speed, Continental Flying Spur, Continental GT Bentley, and Mulsanne these models of Bentley are marketed and sold out worldwide and China being the top-ranked consumer of these models.Even today the most of the Bentley models are assembled at Crewe in England.Soe of Bentley models is assembled at Volkswagen factory.

Bentley has launched different variants as per the demand of it customer If we talk about the most recent models Bentley launched Continental GT generation 3 it was the first car after Bentley came under Volkswagen since 2003 there have been 3 generations launched for it it is generally two door but it is convertible to 4 doors as well.

Bentley Bentgya

Then one other famous model of Bentley Bentgya which is 4 door SUVs launched by Bentley.It comes in the sitting arrangement of four, five or seven This is One of most expensive known SUVs having the capacity to gain a speed of 301 km/h electronically.It competed in the market with the Audi A7, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q8 and Lamborghini Urus.The price of Bentley Bentayga is almost $195,000 to $250,000. Bentley has also announced its plan to offer Bentley Benga as its first plug-in hybrid car with lithium battery usage.

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne is again as the specialty of Bentley is a handmade car by the company.It was named after the Le Mans race Bentley won in 2003.It was unveiled in a motor show at Frankfurt in the year 2009 and its first edition was sold in the auction at a price of US $500,000.This has a wide range of color scheme as well as the change in sitting arrangement option of sitting capacity at the rear seat.

Flying Spur

For saloon lover, Bentley has launched its Flying spur it was first introduced in 2005 and since then it is available in the market with different modern facilities.It has a sitting capacity of four people and has a world class comfortable interior.The especially of this car is it is handmade car formed at Crewe plant and also provide the offer of conversion to sports mode.The most recent model from Bentley in Flying Spur was Flying Spur W 12 .Bentley Flying spur has a price range of 128,000 euros as starting price.

The only issue with Bentley is as they are exclusive cars so you have to wait long if you want to own them because they need time for their designing and manufacture.

In short, if you are a car lover then You surely will Bentley range despite high prices of Bentley.

If you want to know in detail about the specifications and features offered in Bentley you should visit our website, where you can find all the features with options, variety as well as Bentleys price range in Pakistan.and All you have to do is to visit, you can also see detailed pictures and video for the desired automobile you are looking for and you can also have the comparison of Bentley with all cars model in Pakistan so that you can make a better decision within the budget of your choice.




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