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Sony Alpha A7R Cameras in Pakistan

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Sony Alpha A7R

Sony Alpha A7r is powerful SLR camera for professionals. This is 35mmless SLR camera, not only the market frame mirror semi-professional cameras but also the brains of many photographers and professionals from photography around the world) Sony Corporation Consistently makes a regular application for coverage, at least, semi-professional market of mirrorless frame cameras with interchangeable optics, creating a "from scratch" this market niche, which began vigorously "Spud". Three models of frame cameras A7, a7r and A7S have already been released. And today we will talk about the flagship of this trinity of innovative achievements of the corporation in the photo industry-Sony Alpha a7r (ilce7r). Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Power matter

If you use the Canon cameras system, in the Arsenal-canon 5DII, mainly-L-glass and, in addition, such a small SLR camera Sony Alpha NEX 6 with the lens Sony SEL-10-18 mm F/4 OSS, which I loved a year ago. As you can see-the initial curious, and for the SIM to start. I understand that the text will seem congested, but it is inevitable, if the task is to convey personal emotional information and, the other way I do not see. For those who do not like to get acquainted in detail with the third-party experience and on its basis will not want to use the opportunity to transform their ideas and beliefs about an interesting subject-can easily, scrolling photos, immediately begin to conclusions. However, our understanding what I personally need and what I want from life, is built on real experience, real perceptions, impressions, their interchange and, ultimately, on emotions, including other people who have passed this experience, though subjective, But it is the most valuable resource and opportunity for the growth of the creative personality and its transformation. This I want to say that this material will rather bulk my personal revelations, perceptions, experiences and emotions, the experience of changing priorities, understanding the pros and cons of the professional cameras and their adoption, because it is such information is not enough in the network, In my deep conviction. Let the material be not much abou technical terms and professional concepts, but the impression based on the old and new experience is definitely worth it to touch it and make exactly their unique conclusions for themselves.

Comparison matter

The Canon 5d Mark II definitely begins to go down in history as in its time and the first "nickel". And though, by and large, Mark II I am generally satisfied, I, as probably all my readers, can not stand still, and do not notice the rapid progress in the modern photo industry. Not only that, I just fascinated bought recently my friends new Nikon D800 their killer deep and rich picture quality and extremely low noise. Not only the second, but even the third mark before it quite far. For example, I often take off my hands without a flash in the eerie museum spaces. Many people know that despite the fact that you use RAW, pulling a dark picture is very hard – the grain "climbs" so that the result is often simply discouraging, especially with the use of my favorite 5DII) so-with Canon-the case here is not very good, and even with " The third gloom, "as I have said. Well, do not switch to Nikon, as did Sergey Share recently)? Now I understand him, though with his resource it is not difficult. But we will be consistent!) I would not say that the difference is so striking, and for the most part-the matter of course in skill, but so far, as I have understood, testing and comparing Mark III and D800, the possibilities of the matrix still more points give Nikon. Yes and there is no similar 36-megapixel device at Canon! No, that's all! I do not mention, of course, 1Dx, because the price category is different, but he has, however, 18 MP matrix. A very significant factor is also the lack of Nikon D800 filter AA (Low frequencies), which should in theory lead to an increase in the quality of images.

So what do you need megapixels for then? And here is a suggestive question-and what surpasses the average format of 35-millimeter? Correct-detailing and richness of halftones. Just this 36 MP-matrix allows you to come close to this image photo niche medium format and give the opportunity to feel a deeper impressive result in the resulting picture, in their feelings and expectations, ultimately. In addition, the ISO in it as claimed by "testers" working in 6400! Shooting the same second mark at dusk and without a flash with ISO of 2000 units turns the picture after processing into something awkward! (Behold, The third mark is the device rather evolutionary, but D800 has the newest advanced matrix. I will say at once that it just intrigued me and the output of Sony a7r, which finally marked the alternative, because it was revealed that the matrix of a7r, the same as the D800, D800E, or better..., well about it a little later...

Besides, the mirrorless technology, by acquiring the camera Sony Alpha NEX 6L,comparing Mark-a II with Canon EF 16-35 mm F/2.8 L II USM and Sony Alpha NEX 6 with Sony SEL-10-18 mm F/4 OSS in shooting the same subjects and in similar conditions is good. The satisfactory experience of communication with the new mirrorless technologies allowed me to make the assumption that the 35mmless SLR camera Sony Alpha a7r-This is exactly what the photographer dreams of at night).

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