Vivo Partners With China Mobile to Introduce 5G Devices

In the recent news, it is heard that Vivo Smartphone Company has announced its partnership with China Mobile for the production of China Mobile 5G devices. This announcement was recently made at the GTI Summit 2018 at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018. With the combined efforts of top industry players including Vivo, this program will help to speed up the development process of next-generation 5G devices.

Vivo 5G

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The aim of this program is to launch the initial batch of 5G pre-commercial devices for trial application showcase and the establishment support for the development of 5G chipsets, component supply chains and chipsets. Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Vivo Shi Yuijian attended the MWC Summit 2018 and joined the discussions on the upcoming R&D of 5G devices with other smartphone industry leaders. The Forerunner initiative of China Mobile 5G device led by none other than China Mobile has brought together more than twenty of the smartphone’s industry chipset manufacturers, end-solution providers to form a strong industry of 5G development.


In Vivo, 5G is considered as an opportunity as well as a challenge due to the recent changes in the technology market across the world. Continuous upgradation is the only way to survive in the latest era of technology which is said by Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Vivo Shi Yuijian. The upcoming 5G networks will help the consumers to enjoy higher speeds, more bandwidth and lower latency than ever. Vivo believes that the 5G smartphones will work as a hub for smart services, smart sensors and smart control. The new 5G smartphones will analyze and detect user behavior and deliver personalized AI-enabled services. Vivo is planning to introduce its pre-commercial 5G devices by 2019 and after that officially release a commercial 5G smartphone by 2020.