Top 10 Mobiles to Buy on 23rd March Pakistan Day Sale 2018

Soon we will be marching on the rhythm of 23rd March which is known for Pakistan Day. This day makes us remember why we love our country so much. On this day in 1940, All India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution which represented the Muslims of British India. Though for all the young generation out there, they only have one major reason to rejoice on this day: Pakistan Day Sale on Mobiles! Every individual belonging to different age group will visit different online stores to buy their desired mobile phone that is on sale. Here in this blog I will be discussing top 10 mobile you can buy on a discounted price offered by different online stores on 23rd March Pakistan Day Sale:

Apple iPhone X

Apple iphone xiphone x

People who are interested in buying their Apple iPhone X with built in memory of 256GB at a discounted price of Rs.147,749.

Apple iPhone 8

iphone 8iphone 8 price

iPhone 8 with 256GB memory will be available at a price of Rs.102,999.

Google Pixel 2 XL

pixel 2 XLPixel 2 XL price

The latest Google pixel series smartphone known as Google Pixel 2 XL will be available at a discounted price of Rs.89,999.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

note 8note 8 price

Consumers will be able to buy the new Galaxy Note 8 at a discounted price of Rs.88,990 on this Pakistan Day Sale 2018.

Huawei Mate 10 lite

mate 10 litemate 10 lite price

You can buy Mate 10 lite at a price of Rs.28,019 on Pakistan Day Sale.

Huawei P10 lite

p10 litep10 lite price

Buy this P10 lite at a discounted price of Rs.28,149 on this Pakistan Day 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

S8 pluss8 plus price

Buy the Samsung flagship smartphone S8 Plus at a price of Rs.75,990.

Samsung Galaxy S8

s8s8 price

Consumers can buy Galaxy S8 at a price of Rs.69,990 on the Pakistan Day Sale 2018.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

C7 proc7 pro price

Consumers living in Pakistan can buy the new Galaxy C7 Pro at a price of Rs.33,349.


Nokia 8

nokia 8nokia 8 price

Get your hands on the latest Nokia 8 at a discounted price of Rs.56,393.