Top 10 Electronics to Buy on 23rd March Pakistan Day Sale 2018

23rd March, the day that reminds us of Muslims' devotion, commitment and a strong will to get an independent homeland where they could freely live and practice Islam! Let's revive the resolution and promise ourselves to work for a better Pakistan. It is great to see a celebration of the splendid colors and diversity of all the inhabitants of Pakistan at the magnificent Pakistan Day parade. We truly wish for a better and more prosperous Pakistan for all its citizens, and on this wonderful occasion, we bring you the best Pakistan Day Sale 2018 on all your favorite electronic products. We have compiled wonderful discounts on different electronic appliances for all walks of life at your ease in this article. Here in this blog we will be discussing the top 10 electronics you can buy on a discounted price offered by different online stores on 23rdMarch Pakistan Day Sale.  


  1. PEL Classic Water Dispenser 

People who are interested in buying the classic clean and beautiful PEL 115- Classic Water Dispenser in the color white can get it at a discounted price of only Rs. 11,299.  


  1. PEL Water Dispenser 

Are you looking for a stunning red water dispenser? We have for you this amazing PEL Water Dispenser- Red 115-gd for only Rs. 14,500.  


  1. PEL Invert o Pro Air Conditioner  

Get your hands on this PEL 18K Invert-o-Pro Air conditioner for only Rs. 49,999 


  1. PEL Invert o Life Air Conditioner 

Get the amazing energy efficient PEL 18L Invert-o-Pro Air Conditioner at the discounted price of only Rs. 60,000.  


  1. PEL Glass Door Refrigerator 

Are you looking for a sleek and stylish refrigerator but also don’t want to run out of your budget? We have the PEL PRGD-120 Glass Door Refrigerator for only Rs. 33,999.  


  1. PEL Microwave oven 

Get the best and latest Microwave oven by Pel, the PEL 30BG Microwave Oven at only Rs. 9,699.  


7. Haier Air Conditioner

Get your hands on the best Haier 18-ECO White 1.5 tonn eco Air Conditioner in only Rs. 45,529. 


8. Dawlence Refrigerator

This deal is such a steal! Get the Dawlence 9175WB fridge in only Rs. 35,499. 


9. Haier Semi Automatic Wahing Machine

Get the wonderfull top load semi automatic haier washing machine thats holds up to 8 kg for only Rs. 13,7999. 


10. Homage Duo UPS Inverter

Get this amazing deal on the Homeage Inverter and UPS duo for only Rs. 14,499.