Survey: Online Stores Rating by Customers of Pakistan

Since the frequent use of 3G/4G technology in Pakistan, we have seen a major upsurge in the e-commerce industry. The growth has been so express that the e-commerce sector of Pakistan is expected to achieve a revenue of one billion dollars by the start of 2020.

Recently, we conducted a survey among the consumers of Pakistan to check what kind of online store they visit, how much money they intend to spend on online stores, what they prefer to buy from online stores and last but not the least from where they have heard about which online store to visit for buying their desired product. We were really surprised to see the response of the consumers of Pakistan. Here are the statistics on the questions we included in our questionnaire to check the online store rating by the customers of Pakistan:

Online Store Popularity

Here are the statistics according to our questionnaire results that which online store is preferred by the consumers of Pakistan to buy their desired product online:

online store

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Online Customers Demographics

Below are the statistics which shows that 85% of male and 15% of female consumers prefer to buy their desired products from different online stores:


For the convenience of our readers we have also gathered statistics of males and females belonging to different age groups who prefer to buy different products from online stores:

age group

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Best Price Offered by Online Stores

Below is an image which will give you a clear idea of what online store is offering the best price of different kinds of products for the consumers of Pakistan:

Best Price

Best Product Quality

For the convenience of our valued consumers we have gathered the statistics of the product quality being offered by different online stores:

Best Product Quality

Best Delivery Time

Here are the statistics which shows that which online store is offering the prompt delivery time for your concerned products:

Delivery time of products

Easy Return Policy

Nowadays, the most disturbing thing that most of the consumers face in buying their desired products from online stores is their return policy. Here are the statistics which shows that which online store has the perfect easy return policy:

Easy Return Policy

Popular Product Categories

Here we have discussed about the product categories which are mostly visited by the consumers of Pakistan on different online stores:

Popular categories

How Often Do Customers Buy Online

Below is the image which defines the statistics about how often do the consumers visit different online stores to buy their concerned product for their use.

once in a year

Monthly Spending on Online Shopping

We have also given the statistics through our survey about the consumers of how much money they spend monthly on online shopping.


We hope this blog about the online store rating by the customers of Pakistan be useful for the consumers of Pakistan. We have gathered all the statistics by the frequently asked questions regarding online shopping on different stores.