NLC to Start Assembling of Mercedes Trucks in Pakistan

In the recent automotive news, we have a heard a great news that NLC (National Logistics Cell) has recently signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with German Daimler AG for the assembly production of world’s well-known automotive brand known as Mercedes-Benz trucks in Pakistan. It surely is a great news for the consumers of Pakistan, as it is a great achievement for this country.

Mercedez Benz Special Trucks

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The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed by Major General Mushtaq Faisal, DG NLC and CEO PAK NLC Motors Zia Ahmed on behalf of NLC and by Klaus Fischinger head of Executive Committee and Dr.Ralf Head of Sales at Woerth, Germany on behalf of Mercedes Benz Special Trucks. At the signing ceremony, Naseem Sheikh, Director and General Manager of Shahnawaz Ltd and Ahmed Naeem Shahnawaz the authorized distributor of Daimler AG in Pakistan was also present.

Mercedez Benz trucks in Pakistan

There are also many expectations that after the starting of the assembly of Mercedes-Benz Trucks by NLC will surely make a massive shift in the transportation industry and domestic logistics towards European manufacturers. Major General Faisal speaking at the signing ceremony said that this MoU is a historic moment in Pakistan’s commercial vehicle industry. He also said that the local assembly of Special Mercedes Benz trucks surely is a premeditated opportunity to influence the modernization of Pakistan’s logistics industry that would benefit from having state of the art vehicles assembly plant in Pakistan.

Mercedez Benz

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By the incentives provided in the 2016-21 Auto Policy, the local assembly of Special Mercedes-Benz trucks will help to be offered at economical prices to the consumers in Pakistan. Major General Faisal also said that this step will bring qualitative change in the local vendor industry as well as provide great job opportunities as well. Member of Executive Committee and Head of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Ben Special Trucks, Dr.Ralf Forcher also said that Pakistan’s construction and infrastructure sectors have made a significant growth in the recent few years by the direct effect on the logistics industry, as it has given an extravagant rise to the increased demand for popular brand commercial vehicles.