HP to Launch All-in-One PC with Alexa Built-in Support

Amazon’s new technology gadget known as Alexa is currently showing up everywhere, which is now making sense that this digital assistant would be built-in into PCs as well. One of the first company to introduce this new gadget by Amazon is HP, who will be featuring Alexa in its new 34-inch curved all-in-one PC, which will be coming with a large base with speaker on front and a glowing blue light which will turn on when you will activate Alexa (Amazon’s smart assistant). The expected price of this PC by HP is more than 1000$.

HP to Launch All-in-One PC with Alexa Built-in Support

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The all-in-one HP curved PC belongs to the Envy series, which is also the redesigned model which the company launched last year for its consumers. The specs of this built-in PC by HP are also updated as it will now be featuring a fake wooden texture, which makes it look appealing for the users. It features an extravagant and appealing design. It will come with a loudspeaker with the nice looking ring for adjusting volume, webcam which is hidden until you pop it open, and a built-in wireless charging. Additionally, the massive screen will surely amaze the users by its extravagant appearance.

Hp builtin PC with Alexa

Alexa pc

Alexa Amazon Assistant

Amazon Alexa

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The Alexa app will come preinstalled on this PC by HP, which the user will use to call the Amazon assistant and see any sort of information as per its liking like for instance weather forecasts, news, play music you ask it to play and many more. This HP PC will always be listening to the Alexa command, which used to be non-responsive in its previous model. One drawback of this PC is that HP has not included a mute button, which means there will be no quick way to turn the Amazon assistant Alexa on or off. The computer is not going to be officially launched until the end of this year.