Google to Officially Reveal Android P at Google I/O 2018 Next Week

In the recent tech news, it is heard that Google will be officially unveiling the latest version of the Android operating system by the name of “Android P” at the Google I/O, which is going to be held next week. The Google I/O conference will be held in California, a beautiful city with ideal Mountain View. At this upcoming event, we have summarized all the action that will be occurring.

Android P

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Google will be unveiling the latest Android operating system Android 9.0 also known as “Android P”. There is an expectation that the company will also be showing how this latest operating system will help the compatible phones to perform in an extravagant manner. The consumers can now get the developer preview of this latest Android operating system, if they think that their phone is slowing down and is not capable to perform well.

Android 9.0

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Google’s Assistant is one of the best-rounded virtual assistants in the technology era of today will be used by the company to highlight the new changes shown in the latest Android operating system. Though, we still don’t know anything about the exact changes that will be brought to the Google’s Assistant new version after this official updated of the Android operating system. Android Auto now has Google Assistant. There is also expectations that Google will be introducing new versions of Android Wear OS, Chrome OS and Android TV at the Google I/O conference.