Daraz's Brand Fest 2018

Daraz.pk owns the lion’s share of Pakistani e-commerce market. Though it wasn’t the first ever online shopping website it proved to be the best in just a short span of time. Today Daraz.pk is without any doubt the market leader. Over the years, it has made the right marketing and partnership decisions allowing it to maximize its reach and improve brand name recognition. Today, not only is it the most popular online retailer but also a household name. Daraz.pk manages to get more than one-third of its users through direct access to its website, another proof of brand awareness. Only a small amount of its user-base comes from Social media and search results. Majority of the people are either redirected from ads or referrals from other websites. A majority of visitors, who come to the website through a search engine, are looking for Daraz’s website link.
Therefore, keeping up with the tradition, daraz.pk is now announcing its greatest shopping extravaganza of the year, the Daraz Brand Fest 2018. this brand fest is to target all brands and categories over the span of a 10 days event. Here is the schedule.
So as we can tell, every day is assigned to a specific category, all local and a number of international brands that fall under that category will be included. For example, the first day caters mobile phones and tablets, so it will be including mobile phones of all leading brands that are being used and sold all across Pakistan. Similarly, the tablets and mobile accessories will also be included. Same goes for the electronics and Television category for the 2nd day of this huge festival, and the 3rd day will follow with electronics and home appliances. 
The next three days will cover grocers, baby shopping that includes toys and newborn essential, then comes fashion for both men, women and kids of all ages. Beauty and health-related products will also be covered. Then comes the Sports category, so if you're planning on traveling or need sports essentials, that's your day of the festival. The last few days will be covering all categories that we have discussed above.