Chief Justice of Pakistan Suspends Tax Deduction on Mobile Cards

Chief Justice of Pakistan has announced an Eidi for the people of Pakistan before Eid, who was fed of loading mobile cards and not getting the full amount they charge. JCP Mian Saqib Nisar has taken a Sou Motu notice on the massive amount of taxes being charged on mobile cards by mobile phone companies and FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). The Apex court has also provided a two-day deadline to follow orders pertaining to the suspension of these orders.

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CJP suspends tax deduction on mobile cards and loads

During the hearing of Suo Motu notice case, chairman of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) also appeared in Supreme Court Lahore registry. He said that around thirteen Crore people are mobile phone users while the tax deduction is the person doing of mobile phone companies. Though, only five percent of the people in the country pay taxes. If we talk in simple words, it means that after these suspension orders people who charge a 100 rupees mobile card will get the credit of 100 rupees in their mobile account.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Suspends Tax Deduction on Mobile Cards

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Previously, an amount of Rs.70 was credited after loading Rs.100 mobile card. The orders will take effect from 12 am 13th June 2018 as per reports. These tax suspension orders will be held for a duration of 15days but the future of these orders will be decided in the upcoming hearing of the tax deduction case.