Benefits of Buying a Car from a Vending Machine

Nowadays, there is a majority of people who need to save their valuable time and money to buy their desired product. Well, due to the latest advancements in the technology industry, people will now be able to buy their desired cars through a vending machine. There are several companies across the globe who are building their dispensing buildings which will cough up cars like a can of coke.

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Autobahn Motors is a well-known company which is known for selling new and used cars has recently opened a transparent 15 story luxury car dispenser building in Singapore, which is also considered as the largest of its kind. Customers will have the option to select their preferred brand automobile by using a touchscreen and then watch through the glass windows as their selected automobile is retrieved and lowered down to them using an elevator-like platform. This luxury car dispenser building has the capacity to hold up to 60 cars which are mainly sports cars that include brands like Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Jaguar and many more.

This kind of vending machine is introduced for saving space as due to the growing population across the globe space is becoming limited to living as well as business purposes. To combat this issue of space, Singapore government has imported sand to expand the country’s land mass. Autobahn Motors car vending machine is not the only vending machine of its kind existing in the world. A popular American company that is known for selling cars online called Carvana has opened a number of automobile dispensing buildings in Texas and also is planning to take this idea nationwide. Through, this vending machine the customers will have the chance to pick up their desired automobile in an effortless manner.

Alibaba a well-known Chinese-based e-commerce company has also opened a car vending machine in China where they will be selling Ford EVS automobiles. This vending machine surely has changed the process of buying cars across the globe as the people are more interested in visiting such vending machine outlets to buy their desired automobile instead of going to their known car dealership showroom. These machines are also helping the company to save their money on delivering cars from their showrooms to customer’s doorstep. Can we expect this car buying technology to be introduced in Pakistan? Well, due to the latest advancements we surely can hope but it is not available in Pakistan.