Apple to Launch Apple Pay Credit Card to Buy Upcoming iPhones in 2018

In the recent tech news, it is heard that a well-known mobile manufacturer known as Apple is planning to launch an Apple Pay credit card for its consumers, which will help them to buy their upcoming iPhones in 2018. Apple will be launching an Apple Pay-branded credit card with Wall Street titan known as Goldman Sachs. According to the reports from the Wall Street Journal, this move by this well-known mobile manufacturing company would certainly be big in the credit card industry for both the partner companies.

Apple Pay Cash

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This launch news of credit card by Apple also shows that the company is taking the payment industry seriously because of the surprising success of their Apple Pay feature announced for their consumers. The report in the Wall Street Journal also shows that the credit card will be carrying the Apple Pay logo. This credit card by Apple is expected to be officially launched by the company sometime early next year in 2019. Though, it is unclear till date that whether this card by Apple will work just like any other regular credit card with Apple branding or will it give instant access to certain features such as Apple Pay Cash and different discounts on Apple services and products.

Apple Pay Cash Credit Card

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Goldman Sachs the partner of this credit card is considered among one of the most famous Wall Street investment banks was already looking for such kind of partner that will help in a new avenue for expansion. Though, Apple is currently offering “Barclay card Visa” with specific rewards and financing options for shopping at Apple stores across the globe. The Barclay visa card gives the consumer a six-month loan on purchases under the amount of five hundred dollars. Apple also allows its valued users to send money to each other by a peer-to-peer transaction through a service called “Apple Pay Cash” only with an Apple Pay Card.