Apple to Introduce Round Shaped i-Watches in 2018

Most recently it is heard that the well-known mobile phone manufacturer known as Apple is going to introduce new round shaped i-watches in 2018 for its consumers all across the globe. Apple has been awarded an innovative patent for a technology to utilize in a “circular display” which is showing that the company will be developing a circular shape Apple Watch. This surely will be a new innovation in the smartwatches for this known mobile manufacturer.

Apple round shape watches

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The circularly shaped patent is published and granted by the US Trademark and Patent Office recently on Tuesday. The Apple’s patent for its electronic device to have a display with curved edges will describe how to construct a display that stands alone from the usual rectangular shape used in the different mobile phone screens.   The patent will have a reduced pixel count and will be comprised of irregular columns and rows which will make round display.

Apple i-watches

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The folded vertical lines for pixel data can be split across the two halves of a round shaped screen. This will give the round shaped watch to produce an appealing display for its users. Apple will be for the first time introducing round shaped i-watches for its consumers, but its competitors like Samsung has already introduced Android Wear devices with circular OLED screens for their customers. We will update any more information after its official launch by the company for its users all around the world.