A Chinese Company to Introduce Electric Vehicles in Pakistan

Recently, a Chinese delegation of Lenzo city visited the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and have expressed interest in establishing business partnerships in the field of mutual interest with the Pakistan’s trader community. The delegation comprised representatives of other companies including manufacturing, elevators and lifts, battery-powered vehicle firms. Sussian Pay, head of the Chinese delegation, said Chinese company Eastern Elevators manufacture heavy duty sculptures, elevators and lifts used in high-rise buildings, airports and major shopping malls, which is famous for its superior quality and superior service.

Chinese Cars

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There is already a Chinese electric car by the name of Shifeng D101 is already available for sale in Pakistan. The battery-powered vehicles manufactured in the delegation wants to introduce the vehicle in Pakistan, the car battery is charged in 6 to 8 hours, which runs 150 kilometers, rechargeable to recharge the vehicle. Stations will be set up. He said that the purpose of visiting Pakistan is to find local partners to establish business partners in these fields. The trade delegation said that the China Economic Corridor has put China and Pakistan on a long-term partnership and they want to establish mutual-profit business partnerships with Pakistan's trader community.

Shingen DF101

Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber, Mohammad Naveed said that due to CPP, there has been a lot of opportunities for business and investment in various fields in Pakistan. It is reasonable time that Chinese investor transfer technology in Pakistan. Pay attention to joint ventures in the fields of interest, many new construction projects in Pakistan continue to work, including heavy duty sculptures, elevators and lifts.

Mohammad Naveed further said that Chinese investors try to put these products in the industry in Pakistan, which will enable them to export their products to the countries of the region, completing Pakistan's needs. Muhammad Naveed said that the Islamabad Chamber will set up a C.Pack facility center in which Chambers members will be taught Chinese as well as to facilitate communicating with China's private sector and to make business matters. The Chamber vice-president Nisar Mirza hoped that visiting the Chinese delegation would have a positive effect on establishing business partnership between the private sectors of two countries.