Toyota Opens Booking of 2018 Facelift Version Corolla in Pakistan

Recently, there is indeed a good news for the Toyota Corolla fans in Pakistan. It is official now that Toyota has started the booking process for the new facelift version of Toyota Corolla in Pakistan. The official booking date of the new facelift version of Toyota Corolla is 27th July 2017. Moreover, the booking is started with the new prices of different variants of Toyota Corolla. The consumer will have to make a pay order of Rs.500,000 in the name of Indus Motors and submit it at your nearest Toyota dealership. After the submission, your order will be processed and you will receive a provisional booking order. You will have to pay the remaining amount after the dealer calls you for delivery.

Toyota has really amazed its diehard fans by introducing the latest facelift version of Toyota Xli, Gli, Altis and Altis Grande. As by introducing the new facelift design the prices has also been increased by Toyota for the consumer of Pakistan. The reason behind the price increase is not its facelift design but also some major changes in its interior, which surely be liked by the diehard fans of Toyota in Pakistan.

Let us give you a detailed updated price list of all the variants of Toyota Corolla sedan series for Xli to 1.8 Toyota Grande CVT. We have also shared the previous and current price of the Toyota Corolla sedan versions in Pakistan, which will help you know how much difference in price is in the previous and current one. The updated price list is discussed below:

Toyota Corolla Variants

Old Price 

New Price

Xli 1.3

Rs. 17,29,000


Gli 1.3



Gli Automatic



Toyota Altis 1.6



Toyota Altis 1.8 MT



Toyota Altis 1.8 CVT



Toyota Altis 1.8 Grande MT



Toyota Altis 1.8 Grande CVT



The tire size of the previous version of the Toyota Corolla sedan was 195/55 with a rim size of R15. However, now in the facelift version of the new Toyota Corolla the tire and rim size is 205/55 R16. The new tires are expected to have more road grip as compared to the tires available in the previous versions. Below we have discussed some of the major specs which you will be witnessing in the new facelift version of Xli, Gli, Altis 1.6 and 1.8 Grande:

  • ·         Exterior uplifts
  • ·         Sleek Headliners with LED taillights
  • ·         16 inch Alloy Rims
  • ·         9-inch infotainment system
  • ·         Cruise Control
  • ·         Sports drive mode
  • ·         Paddle shifters
  • ·         Dual SRS Air Bags
  • ·         Smart Entry (Only in Altis Grande Variants)
  • ·         Vehicle Stability Control (Only in Altis Grande Variants)
  • ·         Push Start Button (Only in Altis Grande Variants)
  • ·         New and Improved Side Skirts

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