Pakistan Becomes the Number 1 Country for Adventure Tours

Pakistan Becomes the Number 1 Country for Adventure Tours 

Amidst the political instability and small chunks of terrorism left in the country, the scenic beauty and thrilling landscapes, as well as the diverse cultures, still makes Pakistan worth an experience of a lifetime. The British Backpacker Society positioned Pakistan number one out of 20 other experience travel goals since they consider Pakistan one of the friendliest nations on the planet with the mountain view that is beyond anything anyone could ever imagine.  


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The group supported individuals from around the globe to a movement to Pakistan and guaranteed that their view of the nation will be changed always once they're finished. Amid their 4 to 5 years of the movement, the group of Samuel Joynson and Michael Worral of British Backpacker Society from Bournemouth has voyage more than 80 goals.  

Here are the best 20 goals they picked;  

  1. Pakistan  

  1. Russia  

  1. India  

  1. Turkey  

  1. Kyrgyzstan  

  1. Lebanon  

  1. Tajikistan 

  1. China  

  1. Georgia 

  1. Uganda  

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina 

  1. Jordan 

  1. Iraq  

  1. The Democratic Republic of Congo  

  1. Algeria 

  1. Montenegro  

  1. Egypt 

  1. Rwanda 

  1. Uzbekistan  

  1. Kosovo.  

The group at the British Backpacker Society will proceed with its voyage and travel more goals. They will incorporate another rundown of best experience travel goals of the world.