Huawei Going To Launch Premium Smartphones 2017-2018

Huawei is now all set to launch only premium smartphones all around the world. Huawei has been in mobile markets for years and continuously dropping quality products. But now company officials have confirmed that they are giving up the low-end smartphones because of low-profit margins. 

Huawei has a good reputation in budget smartphones market and right now is known as world’s number third smartphone brand. When it comes to premium phones, the company has offered many impressive examples in the market and has aimed to continue this tradition. It has also been confirmed that Huawei is going to introduce Huawei Mate 10 with a high-end display that can give very tuff time to its rivals, the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7s.

Huawei Mate 10

"Huawei Says Good Bye To Low-End/Budget Smartphone Market"

So it has been confirmed that there will be a successor to Mate 9 but what is going to include? Huawei has already said that this phone will seriously challenge everyone including iPhone. Officials have confirmed that it will have longer battery life, full-screen display, quick charging feature, better photography and more. Now going in details official have confirmed, I am observing that the phone is going to offer a remarkable display possibly with no physical buttons on the front. More, looking at photography hint I am hoping that there will something better than Samsung dual-pixel technology.

The Future Of Huawei Phones in 2018 and 2019

Huawei has said that they will focus mostly on China, Japan, and Europe where people can afford premium devices. So it is clear that the company is going to leave developing countries. It is important to note in a statement that Huawei has ditched low-end phone segment and nothing else. So we hope to see continued launch of mid-rangers (aka near-to-flagship) phones along with flagships. We do not really see Huawei working in the market only with one phone yearly just like Apple. Mid-range phones play a vital role in the market and manage to earn handsome profit almost in all regions of the world.

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