Hareem Farooq and Team Slaying in the Parchi Trailer


Pakistani film industry is probably racing towards its golden age, with amazing movies almost every month, there is no one stopping us from producing such talent. The upcoming apparent super hit 'Parchi' just dropped their trailer and it's again an energizing time for the Pakistani film industry. With an ever increasing number of movies turning out, there is an extensive development in our industry. Not to overlook that the generation quality, storyline, cinematography has all enhanced by a hundredfold, and it’s all as yet making strides. With 'Parchi' comes an entire diverse sort of film. It's exciting, it's interesting and the greatest change that this film is realizing? The female lead: the beautiful and extremely gifted Hareem Farooq. Hareem plays a wear in the film which is not at all like any Pakistani film we've seen, by playing Eman, a female character, in the film, Hareem is changing the amusement for ladies in the Pakistani film industry. While sometime recently, ladies were just viewed as dainty, delicate, side characters whose exclusive employment was to give support to the male lead, Hareem has steered into her entire hands. We are completely charmingly astonished by this new symbol. Breaking stereotypes! You go Girl!


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She's seen with two lead men in the film, Usman Mukhtar and Ali Rehman Khan


While we're vague about the story, it appears to be really fascinating as of now.


She’s rocking this extremely lit song in the film. 'Billo Hai' has turned out and is good to go to be the greatest shaadi song of the year!


Hareem additionally happens to be one of the makers of the film. With her past creation, combined with IRK Films, being the greatest hit of 2016, she's good to go to influence 2018 begin to off with an outright blast. The film is obviously about a group of folks attempting to spare their lives, running for their lives from the enemy. With past creations with a similar group, under Shahbaz Shigri's course, this film is set to be entirely stunning.


There is additionally the universally adored cutie Ahmed Ali Akbar being, great, charming and all cute with the other dashin men.


There are manly relationship and tension, there's affection and excite