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Tuoda 300W Air Coolers in Pakistan

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Tuoda 300W Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Tuada cooler, Before making a purchase, do focus on quality of air coolers a lot. A best air cooler should impress you and your family with low energy but hefty cooling. Air cooler cools the air with water, it is designed for dry air mostly. If the air around is already moisturized, the device will be less performing. But in a hot dry air, it will make the difference! And as an icing on the cake, these coolers are really energy-efficient! Your electricity charges will be cut significantly. Nowadays, their built technology improved a lot, and they can do the hell lot of tasks such as low water indication, humidity control, etc. Most of the models come with the remote controlled system. So here we give you a quick list of some points which affect the selection of Air coolers. The air coming from the cooler will cool the compressed air from the compressor. The temperature of compressed air after passing through the expansion valve will be reduced even more and, going through the heat exchanger into the atmosphere, will even more cool fresh portions of incoming compressed air.

Air cooler for better temperature

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The temperature of the air entering the expansion valve is automatically reduced every minute. Finally comes the moment when the air is cooled so that part of it. Liquid air is collected, where it is drained through a crane. A part of the air enters the heat exchanger with a temperature of about-190 °, and comes out of it with the temperature close to the room. When there is a continuous usage and impressive result can make users happy. In the described cycle only 5 percent of the passed air goes into a liquid state, the most part of it does not liquefied and leaves back in atmosphere. This can be due to the fact that the cycle with throttling has a low performance of cold, that is, the energy consumption for gas compression to high pressure is great, and the temperature reduction at throttle expansion of gas is not enough. The refrigeration cycle is simple in its device. Scientists have been insistently looking for more economical ways of obtaining liquid air. It has been established that if compressed air expands in the cylinder of the piston engine or on the rotor blades — the rotating part of the air turbine — and force it to produce external work during expansion, the air is cooled much stronger than the Expansion in the throttle valve, where only internal work is done, which goes to overcome the forces of mutual attraction of molecules.

Many brands like Samsung focus on quality. Machines, in which there is an expansion of compressed gas with receipt of external work, are called the expanders. Gas cooling in the expander the more the more it produces the work at its expansion. There is no need for high pressure to cool the gas. Enough pressure of 50-60 atmospheres. The gas temperature at its greatest expansion is reduced to-120-125 °. Thus, at reduction of pressure of gas in the expander on 1 atmosphere the temperature decreases approximately on 2 °-8 times more, than at throttling. The performance of the refrigeration cycle with the expander is 2-3 times higher than the performance of the cycle with throttling. Of all the air passing through such a system. The cost of energy for gas compression in the refrigeration cycle of medium pressure with the expander is about 3 times less than in the refrigeration unit with choke. In the installation with the air, compressed to 40-50 atmosphere, comes first in the refrigerator, where it is cooled by tap water. From the refrigerator all air arrives in the first heat exchanger where it is even more cooled. Air conditionor are also good to use but might be in a different way.

Good system, good usage

At the exit from the first heat exchanger compressed air is allowed in two directions. Most of the gas is relegated to the expansion, where it expands to 1 atmosphere and is strongly cooled. Chilled in the Expander air is directed through heat exchangers into the atmosphere. On the way, it selects the heat from the air coming from the compressor. The rest of the compressed air is cooled in the second heat exchanger and enters the expansion valve. At expansion the air is even more cooled and, having reached temperature of liquefaction. The cold part of the air is directed through heat exchangers into the atmosphere. The liquid air is drained as it accumulates.

Regulation of microclimate parameters until recently associated only with conditioning equipment. But as the requirements to change the individual parameters of the air environment in the market of climatic systems began to appear and specialized devices. These devices can be attributed air coolers, which purposefully lower the temperature, as well as if necessary, can perform the functions of ionization and hydration.

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