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Super Asia ECM-6500 Air Coolers in Pakistan

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Super Asia Air Cooler ECM-6500

Super Asia Air Cooler ECM-6500 is nice to use if you are an addict of air coolers instead of Air Conditioners. It would make you happy with many features. It can cool the environment very fast with extensive cooling. It comes with a shock and rust proof plastic body you can stay comfortable with for years. It would make you happy with its anti-bacterial sided honeycomb cooling pad. It does offer energy saver technology as well. And there is a motorized powerful motor inside. Installation of a stationary air conditioner is not always possible. In this case, it is necessary to switch attention and study the floor air conditioner without air duct. Some specialists are skeptical about such coolers, but if you choose and operate the device correctly it will work efficiently 'silently and do not create any problems. Variety of floor air conditioners on sale, there is a huge assortment of floor air conditioners of various modifications, but to floor mechanisms, it is possible to attribute only 2 subspecies of this climatic technique: split-systems and mobile equipment. Features split-system in the design of split-system consists of 2 separate blocks-evaporator and capacitor. The first one is always inside the room and the other is outside. Connecting elements for them are electric wires and tubes, on two of which circulates, and on the third, the condensate is deduced. Super Asia coolers have covered many features.

In all these situations mobile air conditioners are successfully used. Most of these devices are decently weigh, rather bulky, take up a lot of space and very noisy. But their main advantage-mobile air conditioners almost do not require installation. Many companies cover different tech toys while making coolers like Orient coolers. Almost, because the pipe outlet still needs to bring to the street. And there are many situations when installation of split-system is impossible. Therefore, mobile air conditioners continue to be in demand-and will stay afloat for a long time. To help you decide which model is best to choose, we have compiled this rating. The rating includes models that are most popular among the buyers of Russian online stores. In determining the leaders, we used sales data and customer reviews from the largest online resources.

Mobile Air Conditioners are good

Mobile Air conditioners almost do not require installation. However, some rules must be followed when installing them. When the corrugated hose is out of the window, it is necessary to ensure that the air drain does not interfere, and the gap in the window around the hose was as little as possible. Only the correct installation (in accordance with the instructions) will ensure the normal operation of the appliance and the cooling of your room. A device such as air-conditioning without duct (and more correctly-air cooler, air), which is also often asked in stores. It seems that it is better because there is no corrugated pipe. But the principle of operation of this device is quite different (evaporation), and efficiency-much less than that of the air conditioner. The cooler is able to reduce the temperature by 2-10 °, the mobile air conditioner is 10-15 °. The coolers are used not so much to reduce the temperature but to "wash" the air.

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