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Super Asia ECM-3500 Air Coolers in Pakistan

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Super Asia ECM-3500 Room Cooler

Super Asia ECM-3500 is a simple to use air cooler you can buy for a normal sized room. It does offer you a shock and rust proof plastic body. In the summer, many people wonder how to choose the floor air conditioner for the apartment to facilitate the stay in the living areas in the heat. A properly selected device will not take much space, work silently and without any complaints, cool air to the set temperature. Any person should know about the choice of technique and the rules of its operation. Each of us at least once in his life observed an amazing phenomenon. If in the heat we swim in the warm sea, then, going ashore, feel cool, despite the fact that the temperature and water and air are high enough. This paradox is based on the phenomenon of evaporation: water from the body evaporates at the expense of its heat. On the similar scheme works and cooling of an organism at the expense of sweating. The normal process of evaporation began to be used to cool the air in the premises began to use a few thousand years ago, when in Persia was invented a system called "Catcher of Wind". It was a complex construction, installed on the roof. Now for production of cool and moistened air are used rather compact devices, which are called evaporative coolers.

This Super Asia cooler has an anti-bacterial sided honeycomb cooling pad. Summer is a season of unbearable heat, which can influence our mood, productivity, negatively affect health, especially for people of old age. At such a time you want to hide at home, especially if it has a special cooling device. But how to be those who do not have it, how to cool a room without air conditioning? There are many methods that can help you solve your problem. Room Coolers, equipped with wheels, remain mobile only conditionally. In fact, the assembly is "tied" to the window aperture with a hose, VOC the hot air outside. Some does not take advantage of such a disadvantage for commercial purposes, offering the consumer an alternative option-floor air conditioning without air duct. What did some manufacturers of household appliances? Our task is to study device devices, disassemble their advantages and publish some real reviews.

Easy To Use

Super Asia has used Aero Dynamic Plastic Blades and Energy Saver technology. The efficiency of the evaporating cooler depends on the environment, in particular, relative humidity and air temperature. Steady operation of the device is guaranteed at a humidity of external air up to 70%, however, and at higher values of this parameter air will be cooled, it is necessary only to increase the number of changes of air in a premise. If the humidity exceeds 80%, the cooler should be switched to fan mode. This air cooler comes with Motorized Louver Powerful Motor. In general, the efficiency of the cooler increases with lower humidity and increased air temperature. That is, if the window is dry and hot, the performance of your cooler will be maximum.

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