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Super Asia Asia 4000 Air Coolers in Pakistan

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Super Asia ECM-4000 Room Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Super Asia ECM-4000 Room Air Cooler is heat hunter. It offers you 30 liter capacity and it supports 220v voltage. It is around 27KG in weight and it measures at 67 x 76 x 98. Unlike split-systems, installation of which requires the participation of specialists and additional costs, with the installation of this air cooler is easy.  You can easily handle yourself. No need to drill and measure: Just bring out the window hoses to drain hot air and condensate. Mobile Air conditioner is suitable for use in rooms with an area of up to 21 square meters. Unlike stationary devices, it does not require the execution of "dirty" installation work-before using it is enough to install a special frame in the window and connect to it a flexible hose. Built-in wheels allow you to quickly move the air conditioner within the home or office.

Air-cooling and Mobility at peak

Mobile air-conditioner without air duct is a convenient household appliance for cooling and air conditioning. Orient do also work in this game. Its main advantage is the possibility of installation in the room without laborious preparation and installation-Mobile air conditioners do not require connection to the duct and hose to drain the condensate. On the principle of action they are called air conditioners of evaporative type. In the summer, many people wonder how to choose the floor air conditioner for the apartment to facilitate the stay in the living areas in the heat. A properly selected device will not take much space, work silently and without any complaints, cooling air to the set temperature. Any person should know about the choice of technique and the rules of its operation. Owners of the houses, who often move, choose a portable air conditioner in the apartment. It does not look cumbersome, has excellent ergonomic and performance characteristics, if compared with stationary split-systems. Most models have heating and cooling modes, can adjust the temperature using the remote control or the buttons on the front part.

Air cooler features are extensive, they are for the apartment-it is most often produced in the channel and mobile version. In channel installations, water can be used as refrigerant. Only water is used in mobile devices. Channel coolers are used in the supply ventilation systems and installed directly into the duct. In other words, this device performs the function of the air conditioner installed in the ventilation system. Mobile devices moisturize and cool the air in the room where installed. Regulation of microclimate parameters until recently associated only with conditioning equipment. But as the requirements to change the individual parameters of the air environment in the market of climatic systems began to appear and specialized devices. These devices can be attributed air coolers, which purposefully lower the temperature, as well as if necessary, can perform the functions of ionization and hydration.

Powerful air coolers

Other brand also work like Toyo. A portable wireless device is a key issue that many system designers must overcome. One of the most important questions is how to get the heat out of the device, since such devices usually do not have a fan for cooling purposes. As a result, the Power conversion and management ICS that may be used in such devices must be of high thermal efficiency because the main by-product of poor power conversion efficiency is heat. No outdoor condenser, replaced by water-cooled plate Heat Exchanger module, to use circulating cooling water for cooling. Electric heating system should be managed. Standard configuration for low-temperature stainless steel plate electric heating, multi-stage heating, overheating protection, with high efficiency and large heat dissipation area, safe and stable operation. The full conversion technology used in the air conditioner can achieve the high energy efficiency of the ultra-high part load through the variable speed drive, and realize the partial load of low to 10%, without the conventional unit surging problem.

Air purification equipment is widely used in home, business and other public building environment, and its indoor air purification technology and filter technology have won numerous awards worldwide. The brand is also actively involved in other environmental health related international projects, engaged in creating a cleaner living and working environment for human beings. If you buy this air cooler, you should repent. Easy to move and easy to handle, this even does not cost a lot and I recommend it to small rooms.

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