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Honeywell CS071AE Air Coolers in Pakistan

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Honeywell CS071AE Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Honeywell CS071AE is Evaporating air cooler for indoor usage. It suits to different conditions of weather including hot/dry climates where humidity levels are lower than 50%. It can decreases the temperature through water evaporation. Do use it in small rooms and small rooms and it should give you best result. It does not consume energy a lot. It can impress in up to 100 sq area. The cooling media for optimal cooling is good with this air cooler. The water tank can support 7 Liters or 1.8 gallons. Increase of humidity of air that in some cases it is not desirable-the output evaporation where air does not contact and is not saturated with moisture. The cooling process is carried out by means of close contact of water and air, and transfer of heat to air by evaporation of a small amount of water. Then the heat dissipates through the warm and saturated air from the installation.

Different evaporative air coolers for different usage

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. There are different types of evaporative cooling plants and a section of heat-exchange or a transfer, constantly cup water by the method of irrigation. Fan system for forced circulation of external air through the Heat exchanger section and other auxiliary components such as water collection tray, and controls. The devices in which the heat exchange occurs are called heat exchangers. The simplest type of heat exchanger can be manufactured by placing one cylindrical tube in another. If on an external tube from below to pass cold air, and to meet it on internal-warm, the last is cooled, giving the heat to cold air going on an external tube. In such a heat exchanger even at low temperature of cold air it is impossible to achieve good cooling of the gas coming from above.

There are more complex designs of heat exchangers in which the inner tube is made in the form of a spiral or replaced by a large number of small diameter tubes. Air conditinors can go different. This increases the contact area of the tubes with the cold air passing by. Heat exchangers are made mainly of red copper. It has good thermal conductivity. Outside heat exchangers are covered with insulating material which protects them from external heat. In a good heat exchanger it is possible to cool air to very low temperatures, but for this purpose it is necessary even cooler air. If you squeeze the gas quickly, it heats up. If it is quickly expanded, it is cooled. Let the compressed air through the porous plug inserted into the middle of the small tube. Click on the Piston. The left side of the tube, where the air shrinks, warms. At the same time the right part of the tube is noticeably cooled, where the compressed air arrives, expanding at the outlet through the cork.

Everything should be used carefully

Scientists-physicists explain heating of gas at its compression by the fact that at reduction of volume of compressed gas molecules so closely approach to each other, that between them the forces of attraction begin to act, molecules of gas are more close together-work is carried out, Which leads to additional compression. The heat is dissipated and the gas temperature rises. The rapid expansion of compressed gas increases its volume. Gas molecules tend to move away from each other, but the forces of attraction prevent it. To overcome the forces of attraction the work is spent, the part of heat is spent, and gas is cooled.

Other brands work good too like Samsung. The amount by which the gas temperature will be reduced during expansion depends on the initial and final pressure. In practice it is accepted that at reduction of pressure on 1 atmosphere the temperature of gas decreases. If in a special machine called a compressor, squeeze some air volume up to 200 atmospheres, then pass it through a special crane-the expansion valve-and allow it to expand rapidly to its original volume, its temperature would go down Approximately 50 °. If the temperature of compressed air before its passage through the expansion or throttle valve was 10 °, then after its expansion it will be-40 °. The lower the temperature of compressed air before its expansion, the lower it will be after throttling, that is, after passing through a narrow slit throttle valve. Gradually lowering the temperature of compressed air, you can reach the temperature at which it will start to liquefied.

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