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Honeywell CO60PM Air Coolers in Pakistan


Honeywell CO60PM Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Honeywell CO60PM is not a very bulky air cooler, buy it for indoor use in offices and home. This is powerful weather resistant and water-proof air cooler you can use in indoor and outdoor environment. It has a motor that can deliver good air flow in range of indoor evaporative air coolers while a 40-cm fan blade and triple media keep performance optimal. The use of water supply, massive 60-liter(15.8 Gallons) water tank, and built-in overflow protection. Direct evaporative air cooling is expedient in conditions of dry and hot climate in the supply system of ventilation. Indirect evaporative air cooling is carried out in surface coolers. To cool the water circulating in the surface heat exchanger, use the auxiliary contact device (cooling tower). For indirect evaporative cooling of air it is possible to use the devices of the combined type in which the heat exchanger performs simultaneously both functions-heating and cooling. Such devices are similar to air regenerative heat exchangers.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. This is evaporative air coolers. In reducer evaporative air cooling use sequential indirect and direct evaporative air cooling in the air conditioner. Thus the installation for indirect evaporative cooling of air is supplemented by the irrigation Injection Chamber working in the mode of direct evaporative cooling. Typical irrigation spray chambers are used in evaporative cooling systems of air as a cooling tower. In addition to the single-stage indirect evaporative air cooling is possible multistage, in which there is a deeper cooling of the air-this is the so-called non-compressor air conditioning system. Direct evaporative cooling (open cycle) is used to reduce the temperature of air by means of specific heat of evaporation, changing the liquid state of the water to gaseous. In this process, the energy in the air does not change. Dry, warm air is replaced with cool and moist. The heat of the outside air is used to evaporate water.

Honeywell works with evaporative cooling beautifully

Indirect evaporative cooling (closed cycle) the process is similar to direct evaporative cooling, but uses a certain type of heat exchanger. In this case the damp, cooled air does not contact with the environment. Traditional evaporating coolers use only a part of the energy required cooling devices or adsorption air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, they increase the air humidity to the uncomfortable level (except for very dry climatic zones). Evaporating coolers do not increase the humidity level as much as standard single-stage evaporating coolers do. In the first stage of the Phasic cooler, the warm air is cooled by indirect way without increasing the humidity (through passing through the heat exchanger, cooled by evaporation outside). In a straight stage preliminary cooled air passes through the impregnated water a gasket, additionally cools and becomes more damp. Since the first, pre-cooling stage is included in the process, the direct evaporation phase requires less humidity to achieve the required temperatures. As a result, according to the producers, the process cools the air with relative humidity within 50 – 70%, depending on the climate. For comparison, traditional cooling systems increase air humidity by up to 70 – 80%.

When designing the central supply ventilation system it is possible to equip the sucked evaporation section and so significantly reduce the cost of air cooling during the warm period of the year. During the cold and transitional periods of the year, when the air is heated by the heaters systems of ventilation or air inside the room heating systems-air heats up and increases its physical ability to assimilate (absorb) in itself, with increasing Temperature-moisture. Or, the higher the temperature of the air-the more moisture it can assimilate. Other brands focus on things too like Super Asia. For example, when heating outdoor air heater ventilation system with temperature-220 C and humidity 86% (outdoor air parameter for KP Kiev), up to + 200 C-humidity falls below the boundary limits for biological organisms to unacceptable 5-8% Humidity. Low air humidity-negatively affects the skin and mucous membranes of the person, especially patients with asthma or pulmonary diseases. Normalized for residential and administrative premises air humidity: from 30 to 60%. Evaporative air cooling is accompanied by the release of moisture or increased air humidity, to a high saturation of air humidity 60-70%. The volume of evaporation – and, accordingly, the heat transfer – depends on the temperature of the outside air on the wet thermometer which, especially in the summer, is much lower than the equivalent temperature on the dry thermometer. For example, in hot summer days, when the temperature of the dry thermometer exceeds 40 °c, evaporative cooling can cool the water to 25 °c or cool the air.

Evaporation is helpful

Since evaporation removes much more heat than the standard physical thermal transfer, it uses four times less air flow than conventional air cooling methods, which saves a significant amount of Energy. Evaporative cooling in comparison with traditional methods of air conditioning cleanliness. Unlike other types of air conditioning air cooling of evaporative type (bio-cooling) does not use as refrigerants harmful gases that are harmful to the environment. It also consumes less electricity, thus saving energy, natural resources and up to 80% operational costs compared to air conditioning by other systems.

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