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Honeywell CL25AE Air Coolers in Pakistan


Honeywell CL25AE Price in Pakistan

Honeywell CL25AE price in Pakistan might feel high. But it tries to give very good experience with impressive performance. It should suit to people who are living in medium rooms or a little large. It can be used in offices too. It comes with three speedy fans for cooling your environment. You get easy-to-use control panel and a remote for easy operations. And 4 durable caster wheels can be used to easily move the cooler.

In many cases, the air conditioning or the split-system is used for cooling in the living rooms. This is the usual climatic equipment, which provides the possibility of temperature regulation regardless of external conditions. Despite the large size, technical difficulties during installation and demanding maintenance, plants for normalization of microclimate indicators are in high demand. Still, in some cases, an evaporating cooler, whose work is based on a different principle, can be a worthy option for performing a similar function. Unlike classical installations, this system uses water as a source for the production of the wetted environment. The device evaporates the liquid, which affects the temperature decrease in the room. The cooler has advantages over air conditioning for a number of performance indicators. In particular, it performs the moisturizing function more efficiently. But there is also the downside of its application-the lack of possibility of drying.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Air coolers are also good to use. Externally, the unit is a block made of metal or high-strength plastic. Inside the case is an electric motor with a pulley. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. In some models, the technical filling provides a direct-drive fan. To perform the evaporation function, the device also includes a water pump in the design. Typical air coolers for an apartment are usually installed on the walls and windows from the outside. In private houses the installation of a block on a roof is practiced. Mobile devices that do not require special fastening are also common.

An important element of any system of this type is a moisturizing pad that can be made of wood shavings. The fibers of the natural material absorb the optimal volume of water, which allows them to further cool the flow of air flowing through them. In modern versions of the device as filler more often applied melamine paper or plastics. However, air coolers with gaskets from synthetic materials are less effective in comparison with the same wood.

How Air cooler help

Many brands work impressivly like Samsung and Toyo. The workflow occurs on the background of two tasks. First of all it is maintenance of moistening of a gasket by connection of system to water. At the same time, the air masses are pumped through the fan. Thus, the warm air from the street contributes to evaporation of water, as a result of which the cooling process occurs. Effective ventilation should be provided in the premises where such equipment is used. The matter is that water coolers of air not only reduce temperature, but also increase a coefficient of humidity. In this case, these are interrelated indicators, so it is important to monitor the timely withdrawal of wetted air. For this reason, by the way, coolers are especially recommended in regions where dry and warm climate prevails.

The main indicator determining the performance of such equipment is the power. It varies from 80 to 150 watts on average. For example, the model on 100 watts can service up to 510 m3 per hour. Also, the area of the room in which it is advisable to install such a device depends on the power potential. No less important is the volume of water that consume coolers of air in the process. The tanks can hold from 7 to 30 liters. Again, the specific values depend on the performance of the equipment.

It is worth noting the functional features. The matter is that the principle of work of coolers assumes close contact with air flows – accordingly, it is required to provide qualitative filtration. In the latest versions, manufacturers provide not only cleaning devices, but also modes of operation with the use of air with useful qualities. For example, modern air coolers are supplied with both carbon filters and ionization systems. As a result, the characteristics of the air environment in terms of health benefits are improved.

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