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Honeywell CL201AE Air Coolers in Pakistan


Honeywell CL201AE Price in Pakistan

Honeywell CL201AE is a beautiful looking air cooler for indoor use. It suits to medium rooms that you can buy. Air coolers are best to use especially for homes. As in the case of air conditioners, coolers receive electronic control systems of working parameters. The user can set the optimal speed mode of air flows, set the fan speed and adjust the program of rotation of the shutters. In addition, the House air cooler, depending on the version, can be supplied with a touch-sensitive electronic panel, which also provides timer functions. As far as performance management is concerned, the main of these settings is humidity adjustment.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The good position in the industry of air coolers is used by Honeywell, which produces powerful, productive and at the same time compact coolers. In the lineup of this brand you can find small mobile units for the apartment, and modifications to work with large areas up to 150 m2. The Equation air cooler, which has a capacity of 70 watts and is equipped with an 11-liter water tank, is in demand. This is an optimal inexpensive solution for an apartment of average area. Typically, climatic equipment is associated with high energy costs. For economical users, it is worth to recommend other brands like Toyo and Samsung, coolers of which differ energy efficiency and do not lose competitors in performance indicators.

Air cooler can compete with air conditionor 

Comparing with conventional air conditioners, novice users of such equipment mark the minimum costs of installation and maintenance. Coolers do not require the replacement of a special refrigerant, which is also a plus in terms of environmental cleanliness. With regard to performance indicators, a good moisturizing function is provided by the air cooler. The reviews especially highlight the new models, which provide the ability to regulate the level of humidity. Also many praise the usability, virtually absent maintenance costs and attractive design with ergonomic construction.

Sadly, the comparison with air conditioners in terms of the quality of the cooling function, according to users, is not in favor of such technology. Yet the principle of its work, rather, is focused on moisturizing. They criticize the air coolers and the noisy work. First of all it concerns mobile devices which are used directly in a premise. Despite the noise insulation, the equipment can deliver acoustic discomfort. For this reason, experienced users recommend in the process of choosing to pay attention to the noise, although, of course, the stated characteristic may be different from the real indicators. Cooling and humidifying of air by means of evaporative cooling is absolutely natural process in which water is used as a cooling medium, and heat dissipates effectively in atmosphere. Simple patterns are used-at evaporation of a liquid there is a merger of heat or a cold release. Evaporation efficiency is increased by increasing the air velocity, which ensures forced fan circulation. The temperature of dry air can be significantly reduced by a phase transition of liquid water to steam, and this process requires much less energy than compression cooling. In a very dry climate, evaporative cooling also has the advantage that air conditioning increases its humidity, and this creates more comfort for people in the room.

For centuries civilizations found original methods of struggle with heat in their territories. The early form of the cooling system, the "Wind Catcher", was invented many thousands of years ago in Persia (Iran). It was a system of windmills on the roof, which caught the wind, let it through the water, and cooled the air into the inner premises. It is noteworthy that many of these buildings also had yards with large reserves of water, so if there was no wind, then as a result of the natural process of evaporation of water hot air, rising upwards, the water in the yard, after which already cooled air Passed through the building. Today, Iran has replaced the catchers wind on evaporating coolers and widely uses them, and the market at the expense of dry climate-reaches the turnover for the year in 150,000 evaporators.

Normal design

The standard design includes a water tank (usually equipped with a float valve to adjust the level), a pump to circulate the water through the strips of wood chips, and a fan to supply air through Laying in the living quarters. This design and materials remain the main, in the technology of evaporative coolers.

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