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Boss ECM Air Coolers in Pakistan

Boss ECM Price in Pakistan

Boss ECM air cooler series include many decent options. Choosing a best air cooler is not very easy. People love air coolers equipped with water tank that normally help in dry air weather. It does suit to weather where air is not moisturized and in in a hot dry air, they make a good impact. But before getting liquid air, it should be cleaned. In the air usually contains a lot of dust-small particulates of sand and coal. On average, the cubic meter of air contains up to 0.01 grams of impurities. Mechanical impurities, getting between the by parts of the compressor, form scratches and lead to premature wear of the machine. Therefore the air should be freed from dust. For air purification use special oil filters, which are installed on the suction pipe of the compressor. Formation of fog at cooling of damp air. In addition to mechanical contaminants, the air contains moisture, carbon dioxide and other gaseous impurities. The amount of moisture in the air depends on its temperature. Samsung focus on tempuratre good.

Air cooler for better temperature

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The highest amount of moisture in 1 cubic meter of air at a temperature of 30 ° is about 0.1 grams, and at a temperature of 30 °-about 30 grams. At small cooling of air water vapors condensed and turn into a fog. Pour some water into the jar and close it with the plug into which the tube is inserted. Put the rubber pear on the tube and squeeze it so that all the air from the pear moved to the jar. The bank will create pressure. If after a certain shutter speed to loosen the pear, the air from the bank will expand and cool-the bank is a fog. This means that the water vapors that were in the jar together with the air. The smallest droplets of water were evenly distributed throughout the entire volume. At a lower temperature moisture and formed frost, which can settle in the form of ice on the walls of the instrument. If in a heat exchanger or an expansion valve to let out air containing a moisture, on their walls the first thin, and then thicker layer of ice is formed. That the ice does not corked a tube, air before to start its cooling, it is necessary to drain. Air conditioners are also good to use.

The air can be drained, flowing through porous substances capable of absorbing moisture. Such substances are silica gel and specially treated-activated-alumina. When these substances absorb so much moisture that will stop draining air, they calcined and again use for drying. Moisture from the air can also be absorbed by caustic soda or calcium chloride. These substances are loaded into special cylinders through which air is released. Passing through them, the air becomes completely dry. On large plants, producing oxygen, moisture in special traps, where the temperature is maintained-40-50 °. When a lot of ice is typed in one trap, the air is switched to another trap, and the first is heated. The ice melts and the water is drained through a special crane.

If a piece of such ice is put on a blank sheet of white Paper, the ice will gradually decrease in volume, leaving no traces after itself. Here it has finally disappeared, and the paper still remains the same clean and dry. Dry ice is a solid dioxide. It is widely used in the food industry. For the production of liquid air it is impossible to do without purification of gaseous air from carbonic gas. Otherwise, after a while in the refrigeration plant accumulate a large amount of dry ice, which can bring it out of order. How to clean the air from carbon dioxide? The alkaline solution is placed in a column through which air is flowing. Carbon dioxide, which is in the air, is connected with caustic and forms salt. The air coming out of the column has almost no carbon dioxide. Having cleared gaseous air from all impurities which can prevent its liquefaction, it is possible to begin to receive liquid air. For this purpose it is necessary to connect a compressor, a simple refrigerator, a heat exchanger and an expansion valve under the scheme of refrigeration cycle with throttling.

Good usage with good system

The pre-purified air is directed into the compressor and compress it to 200 atmospheres; As air heats, it should be cooled, having passed through a simple refrigerator with running cold water. Compressed gas, passing in the refrigerator on the inner tube, will give its warmth to the water that washes the tube outside. From the refrigerator the gas will come out cooler than from the compressor: its temperature will be approximately 10 °. Compressed air from the refrigerator is sent to the heat exchanger. But since the heat exchanger is not cooled yet, the gas will pass through it without changing the temperature and, once in the throttle valve, expand in it. Air coolers are good for many reasons.

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