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Best Air Cooler in Pakistan

If you are trying to beat the summer heat, but at the same time want an affordable and effective way to do it, then air coolers will be the best option for you. Today many different types of air coolers from various brands are available. There are different types of coolers available in the market such as room coolers (used for bedrooms, small offices), duct coolers (used for central air cooling), jumbo coolers (used for large halls, bigger offices) etc. based on the area they cool. But the basic principle of working remains the same for all of them. Here at comparebox we try to do the working for you and provide you some helpful comparisons and information to buy a new air cooler in Pakistan at affordable rates.
It will be summertime very soon and we are all finding ways to stay cool and calm, no doubt it is a frustrating and expensive task yet still inescapable. Everyone dislikes humid afternoons and we incline to spend most of our time indoors and avoid going out. It is even difficult to sleep comfortably at nights without an AC or air cooler. While considering for a cooling appliance for this summer season you can think about evaporative air coolers because it is the most economical way of getting cool in this period of inflation plus it is very healthy and eco-friendly. You can compare different brands on comparebox to find what fits your needs best.
Direct Evaporative Coolers are the most common and famous kind in which latent heat of evaporation is used to lower down the temperature of air actually converting water to vapor. Then we have, Indirect Evaporative Coolers, they use heat exchange method by which cooled moist air does not come in contact with the outside environment. And the last type is Two-Stage Coolers, where in the first stage air gets cooled by heat exchange and then through water soaked pads. In this method, the humidity will be less. You can find all such brands and types at comparebox at the most affordable rates.
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