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Samsung AR5500M Air Conditioners in Pakistan

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Samsung AR5500M Air Conditioners

Samsung AR5500M air conditioner series contains many impressive options you can pick, including the 1.5TON air conditioner. It comes with an outdoor unit with an excellent cost-quality ratio. And the indoor unit is easy to assemble and can be placed in your preferred room, depending on your comfort needs. You can access Wi-Fi indoor units as well, Samsung Air conditioners are highly featured packed. It has a beautiful design and distinguishes between air conditioners of its range for the attractive line and the innovative technical and functional features. It is used in conjunction with the external Inverter units to create combinations of mono-splits and multi-split.

Thanks to the modern aerodynamic lines, the Samsung AR5500M air conditioners enjoy a fantastic design. The Crystal Gloss finishes make the interior units even more precious and emphasize the innovative Triangle Design Delta profile that allows you to have a wider grille, a wider delivery surface, and a larger fan. These three elements, the new angle of the delivery nozzle and a number of vertical fins greater than the previous series, ensure that the air is cooled and put into the environment more quickly, more uniform and more powerful, to reach Every corner of the room, up to 14 meters away.

Breathe Clean Air

The new 3care filter, a triple-action filter that removes the most common harmful agents, allows reducing the presence of viruses, bacteria, allergens and free radicals in the home environment. The filter, which helps in combating allergies, is removed with simplicity for cleaning. The 2 Step Cooling makes reaching the desired temperature in a very short time, once reached it is automatically oriented upwards in order not to make the airflow bothersome. The personal use mode, useful when you are alone in the room, makes it air conditioning a single area with a reduced power, significantly reducing consumption. The Good Sleep function will make your sleep calm, thanks to the ability of the air conditioner to regulate the temperature based on your body temperature. In addition, with the dehumidification function, your relaxation will be perfect, fighting the heat of the hottest months. Finally, with the auto clean, mold, bacteria and bad smells are eliminated with a simple button on the remote control. There are many other options like Haier Air Conditioners and PEL Air Conditioners but these series compete beautifully.

The Samsung AR5500M air conditioner is equipped with artificial intelligent technology that facilitates its use and installation the exclusive smart Wi-Fi technology allows to manage, through an App that can be installed on a smartphone or PC, the main functions of its Air conditioning even when you are away from home (WI-FI network required to connect the unit to the Internet). Samsung AR5500M is also equipped with the integrated technology Samsung Smart Home with which you can control all appliances thanks to a simple application on the smartphone even staying away from home. The Smart Home system offers the possibility to control other appliances that are not necessarily Samsung, thanks to the uniformity of the protocol that are adopting all the companies and that meets the highest safety standards. Finally, it is possible to personalize the operating cycles, to check the consumptions and to optimize them in the optics of maximum freedom and maximum savings.

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